Notes from the Light - June 2009

The time has come for the humans upon your Planet to join hands and to sing praises to the Glory of the Creator and Creation. Now is not the time to separate fingers but to embrace each other in the Light of Oneness, of Love, Truth and Justice.

Justice is a hard theme upon your Earth at this time. We say it is “hard” because it comes baring its teeth to make clear, once and for all time, to the peoples of this planet, that the era of transparency, dispensation, compensation and of harmonic values are being placed into the minds and hearts of humankind. This movement is irreversible.

All which appears squared will be brought into the round. All rough thoughts and creations will be smoothed and replenished. But you must desire this. You must acknowledge, honor and, filled with the gracious Spirit, move forward and upwards to accept a greater power and majesty from within.

Here dwells your choice and consequently your orientation in these transitioning times upon your world.

Do you truly wish to claim all that is good, holy and perfect? If so, your life will be directed towards a wide path of restoration and completion. If so, all parts of your living experience—thought, feeling, word and action will together weave a magnificent living pattern which will intrinsically become bound within the New World now being shaped.

It has been stated that all is moving into coherence and unity through the greater understanding that all peoples are one breath, one heart, one mind and one creation. This is accurate and not to be forgotten. Quite on the contrary. This is a Truth which is to be cherished and nourished.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)


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