Notes from the Light - September 2010

Behold the Light, this blazing glory which will shine forever as it has always shone.

This is no paradox or contradiction. This glorious Light begins not in one person or one master but is Creation itself! You may think that in your linear world, all begins within a point of origin and moves outwards, inwards, upwards and downwards into all peoples, animals, plants, rocks and so forth. This is the comprehension of a third dimensional reality only. From such a perspective, light seems to have direction and hence travel through your space and time, from a beginning core to an end product. To your perception this can be identified as real. This we understand and respect.

However, let us explore greater possibilities.

It must be understood that in other worlds, dimensions and environments which may overlap, extend, infuse and intertwine with your third dimension, there is the knowledge that Light is indivisible and eternal. It is quite impossible to limit the nature of Light, whether you perceive It as celestial or physical, for the use of a specific purpose. As an Earth citizen you might protest. “That is false,” you say. “We take specific rays of Light and use them independently with clear purpose.”

In your world this may be so. Yet, to a larger perspective, this observation is limited. Even with your greatest measuring and analyzing machines, you have yet to discover that when you employ blue light, as example, in truth you are not isolating this ray from the others.

Why do we state this?

Because no thing in the created universe can be isolated from any other thing.

In your future physical studies of this fine Earth and its people, you will begin to witness that where one thing is recognized and used, all other essence particles of the universe also are found. Every thought that you create contains within it the vibrating essence of the entire universe.

What we wish to explain to you is that all individual creation exists as an integral part of all creation. Let us illustrate this in the following manner.

Imagine that you are sailing on a lake, (the universe). You might say, “Well, yes, I am affecting the lake because my boat is touching its water.” Or, “My thoughts are influencing the boat, myself and the lake.” And so forth.

We wish to go a step further. In truth, you, the boat an the lake are all one. There is no separation to creation unless you make it so.

We ask you to simply reflect upon the following. Everything in a physical universe holds the identical eternal vibration of Love and Light. This vibrational stance, by its very nature cannot be separated into smaller units. However, in your world, dividing life (feeling, thought, word, creation, action, perception, knowledge and so forth) encourages an easier understanding for your inhabitants. This division gives you the opportunity to cultivate greater comprehension and hence initiate movement to your original position of unity.

Kindly remember, gentle peoples of this noble planet, that you, if you so choose, will return to the complete inclusion of all life. Begin now to develop understanding through a more expansive mind. Do this by realizing that in every object you hold, every thought you create, every feeling of Love you accept and send forth, you are living within the All, in the completeness of the glorious Light of the Whole.

You are indeed the world within the Universe.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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