Notes from the Light - May 2011

Look inside your own heart and what do you see? Surely you observe an openness to accept others no matter their culture, age, education, creed or environment. Surely you realize that everyone upon your planet also has a heart, which, although not completely opened now, may blossom in this future now coming quickly to all citizens of Planet Earth.

Now is not the time to become small but to become even larger than the heart you keep beating within your body and the heart you keep expanding in your mind and spirit. Now is the time to become noticed in your communities. Why? The era presently being unfolded is historic where action is the wholesome flowing outwards of heart-of-mind and heart-of-body. This illustrates the expression of Love from consciousness and physicality.

It may seem paradoxical to you, gentle inhabitants of this good earth, to realize that you are first the outpouring of Light from the vibration of Love—this Light which is invisible to your human eye. Then, as a physical being which is the expression of this Light, you become visible. And now, in this time of great transitioning, you are invited again to assume your first stance of existence, this is pure Light and become invisible once more on the third dimensional plane.

However, before this can be accomplished, the peoples of your planet must understand that in both visibility and invisibility, the common language is Love, eternal and unconditional. Perhaps we can explain it this way. The pure, Divine Heart is invisible. The opening of this Heart onto the physical plane increases the Light and initiates visibility. Therefore, through physical and mindful action of this Supreme Heart you, as messenger, are both physically and spiritually grounded. Hence, you are both visible and invisible. This is the great duality.

As your Planet Earth re-establishes itself in the language of this Cosmic Heart through the expressions of love, truth, justice and compassion, it will expand into greater Light and become invisible to human observation. And you, universal citizens, who cultivate harmony with this Sacred Heart, will once again re-position yourselves fully within this noble Force, meld into this Loving Christ Light and, with the world and worlds, become invisible and indivisible.

It is to be remembered that you are the custodians of birthing and maintaining this splendid New World.

Cherish, learn, integrate and act.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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