Notes from the Light - May 2013: Openings

Audio Exercise: Openings

When we speak of an open hand, we also speak of an open mouth and indeed an open heart. Everything in your world is opening—your minds, your institutions, your honesty, your discovery and your creations, and inner, sacred contact. Your entire life is expanding as it fosters a more extensive opening to higher ideals and nobler action.

There are multiple and diverse openings that you may discover in the marvellous natural world around you, including your own physical bodies. You observe the opening between rock and tree, the opening of the lily, the opening of an infant’s eyes, the opening to understanding, to enthusiasm and to new life. Beyond your immediate physicality, there also lies the remarkable and continuous openings of space into other space, dimensions into other worlds and star systems into multiple realities. There is forever in your world and in myriad other worlds this wondrous movement of opening.

Great significance can be derived from this subject.

In following the teaching of openings, the individual can let go of sturdily established thought and action and create, rather, an opportunity for sharing and for fostering community learning. In this manner, your people may move upwards into a vaster understanding of life and be encouraged by their marked progress. You are reminded that the action of opening joyfully invites greater inclusiveness and, hence, valuable co-operation.

We ask you to contemplate the following: how open are your minds and hearts towards your own selves and towards those in your community? How open are you to receiving guidance from spiritually evolved individuals in your world, within your earth and from the greater worlds beyond? Are you ready to explore the gifts offered to you in these historical planetary times and will you openly accept them and gratefully share them with those in your society who also wish to share their gifts with you?

If you enthusiastically say yes! to these queries, then you are happily contributing to the destiny of your world and planet as it opens to a larger dimensional gathering of which all of your citizens are members. This greater family awaits all of you with an embrace of pure Love, spiritual companionship and creation.

We ask you, therefore, to become aware of your opening to all that is good and righteous within your ideas, feelings and actions. Contemplate your gifts and interests and reflect on how they can be used in concert with those of your community and world so that the bond of Love between all life is consciously acknowledged and fully experienced.

It is to be remembered that as the hand opens, the heart expands and the universe smiles.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)

Meditative exercise

Openings / L'ouverture (10 min.)


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