Notes from the Light - August 2013

If you find yourself in a situation which seems difficult, move your awareness into the very essence of the disturbance to discover its core. Often you will realize that the condition is not difficult at all. It may simply be that your beliefs and the present situation do not meet. Perhaps your Light is stronger than the Light which radiates from the condition. Should this be the case, take a moment to examine your position in the Light and read just if necessary. However, in contemplating such a realignment, we ask you to reflect on the following information.

There is an eternal, cosmic movement which ensures that the expression of life continually spirals upwards. Therefore, we request that, no matter the situation at hand, you do not lower the vibration of Light wherein you dwell. As dedicated people to the divine Creator, you are guided to raise yourselves, your communities and your world to a higher and more elegant manner of living. Rest assured that you are forever assisted in the vast universe by the many, many celestial beings who acknowledge and encourage your progress in the upliftment of your earth.

Many of your inhabitants have suffered greatly to help in this most noble cause. Many are bewildered and need re-assurance and guidance.

For us to be of greater assistance, we ask you to follow this simple guideline: ensure daily that you create an oasis of quiet by abandoning all movement—physical mental and emotional. Surrender yourselves to the feeling of being something greater and more expansive. In this quiet, allow yourselves to imagine participating in a larger community based on living fully the sacred principle of Love. In this manner you establish, through your own free will, communication with the higher worlds of Creation.

At this time upon your planet, truth can be found in the invisible realm and less so in your visible world. Do not rely on what is being projected to you in this outer world, for much of what you now see, observe and experience is filled with trickery and deceit. Once this is understood, simply move away from that fact and place your attention on greeting your inner, holy dimension. This intimate world may seem for the moment to be invisible to you, but as you lovingly develop this quiet and revered place, you will freely and consciously experience the bliss of being within the arms the divine Creator. This sacred position then becomes your foundation of discernment which can be used as guidance in the outer world.

The more you encourage the marriage between yourself and this inner spiritual dimension, the more you have conscious access to the worlds of greater Light, the beings of higher vibrational spheres and your creative genius. It is here you will understand that your true life community lies with us, among the many hearts of the numerous star nations and angelic realms all readily welcoming you to the new world.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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