Notes from the Light - July 2014

If you close your eyes and allow your heart and mind to expand beyond the confines of your present earth reality, you will experience an overwhelming feeling of liberty. The more you release insignificant ideas and desires, the more you move into freedom.

Why is the subject of freedom of such importance presently upon your world?

The inherent stance of humankind is love and liberty for these are the constituents of your essence as immortal beings. As paradoxical as it may seem, the deeper your union with this universal outpouring love being sent to all by the Creator, the deeper your expression of freedom. This unification does not encourage your dependency on the Source. No indeed. This union reminds you that your very life originates within this sacred Source.

In all spheres and dimensions, the vibratory path of existence moves eternally towards a greater beingness. Although all life resonates within the Divine Source, free will allows all conscious beings, including the inhabitants of your earth, to deliberately choose to advance to higher states of being or simply remain static. However, in choosing freely, individuals may also find themselves in an unliberated state.

Let us explain.

Within your minds you have the freedom to create any thought that you wish. Hence, we ask you: do you create freeing thoughts? Do you cultivate thoughts, feelings and actions which limit your growth or do you foster the all-encompassing consciousness of liberty?

To answer these question kindly reflect upon the following: living fully within the grace of the Divine Spirit indicates that you are creating a sacred bond and, therefore, loosening your hold on habits and addictions which limit this bonding. Living fully within this sacred fusion also indicates that you are letting go of living patterns and associations with others who limit your personal inner expression of sacredness. In exploring and living your divinity, you are radiating hope and freedom to your world and physically co-establishing this new world which, despite all ideas to the contrary, is being birthed. Your world societies will be liberated. They will be uplifted and developed based on the spiritual principle of unconditional love, in wholesome partnership with other spiritually developed nations throughout your solar system and far beyond. This is the destiny of your earth. When this will happen is up to you.

With great enthusiasm we encourage you to cultivate thoughts, feelings and actions of gracious, loving freedom throughout your families, communities and nations. This liberty is founded on mutual understanding and divine insight and intelligence. In this manner, together as one, your planet and its people will pay tribute to its true path—fulfilling its destiny as a spiritual body, celebrating its vibrant societies, praising splendid scientific and technological advances, and sharing its accomplishments with the many other worlds who await you.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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