Notes from the Light - September 2014

Unity, Gifts and Encouraging the Imagination (Part One)

We invite you to join us in a series of activities which will stimulate your imagination and hence open the mind and heart pathways into a more expansive way of living.

Oftentimes we speak of expansion and consciousness, of God-Creator and unconditional love and of spiritual unfoldment and scientific progress. We present this subject matter frequently so that you become more acclimatized to the foundations of the new world being formed by your own growing awareness, acceptance and integration of these spiritual principles for true living.

The greatest of all truths being presented to you in these messages during these many years, is love. And the ultimate expression of love is unity.

Throughout your solar system, your home galaxy and beyond, there are planets inhabited by beings similar to you. Here we mention only those heavenly bodies in your physical parameters of place and time for there are myriads of worlds which lie in a different vibratory pattern and thus remain undetected by your human eye and technology. These worlds also dwell in the same love and unity as your planet for no matter the dimension or sphere of existence, and no matter the turbulence presently witnessed upon your earth, all life shares this common bond of love and unity.

As your planet and its people, through their cultivation of divine understanding, change and enter a higher vibrational perspective, the gifts you request to further your growth and service are also transforming and becoming more noticeable to you. There are here several indicators of change and unity that can be witnessed: your personal self transforming to unify with the divine Self, your individual gifts transforming into an all-embracing service of “miracle” work unifying people and their beliefs towards a heightened planetary consciousness, and your very world transforming, unifying and being invited into to a more expansive and inclusive galactic, intergalactic and multi-dimensional society.

Let us concentrate here on the transformation of your personal gifts.

For you to lift these gifts to the universal level, it is essential that you first acknowledge, love and develop theses talents. Take the necessary time and effort to explore them during a period of inner reflection. Imagine yourself using them and monitor your emotional reactions while doing so. If a sense of wonderment and inner excitement wells up and an intense longing to develop these gifts becomes noticeable, then quietly act upon this desire. Always ensure that there is a fusion between the development of your talents and the sensing of the holy presence of the God-Source so that unity is strengthened.

Let us now ask you to use your imagination more actively so that greater creativity is stimulated. At the same time we present you with a few simple ideas on the restructuring of physical matter to a higher vibrational position.

As you well know, the higher the vibration of an object, the less visible it appears to the human eye. The higher vibration of a physical object may not only render the known object invisible but also change its molecular structure.

Imagine that the elements in your physical world have corresponding components on a higher vibrational level. For example, imagine you are looking at a round wooden table. Familiarize yourself with this table and sense its shape. Perhaps you imagine feeling the table with your hands. Make this experience very real in your mind and link that feeling to your physical world. “This table belongs to this world,” you might say to yourself. Now with your awareness and in your imagination, go into the table top. Here you discover that you are truly moving into a structure of constant movement—particles that oscillate in ordered patterns. Begin to sense that there is vastness between the spaces of these vibratory patterns which extends beyond the physicality of the table top. In fact, if you travel these spaces you will find yourself in other realms of existence wherein certain counterparts of the physical table can be found.

This simple exercise is to whet your appetite and encourage you to realize that your life, your gifts, and all your contributions to your world are of vast importance for they powerfully influence not only your sphere of existence but far beyond it.

(Unity, Gifts and Encouraging the Imagination Part Two will be presented in Notes from the Light October 2014)

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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