Notes from the Light - October 2014

Unity, Gifts and Encouraging the Imagination (Part Two)

In the message of September 2014 we presented to you the importance of employing imagination to free up the conscious mind so you may develop greater creativity and enthusiasm for your life. You were invited to sit reflectively and contemplate your gifts and how you wish to develop them within the Source to assist others on the upward path.

Let us now continue.

All what you see and touch upon your Planet Earth is very real to you. The grass you walk through, the leaves you see changing color, the sounds and the scents you pick up in the air are veritable experiences of the senses in a veritable physical world. However, it must also be remembered that your material world is vibrational in nature for without vibration, it would disappear before your very eyes! Previously we suggested that, with your imagination, you voyage through the top of a wooden table. Here you discovered that what is seemingly static and solid is, indeed, pliable and presents an opportunity for greater travel through and beyond physicality to other realms of existence.

Of what significance is this to you and your people?

You are reminded that you and your physical world are manifested forms of divine light. All life everywhere is in perfect unity because it is founded solely on divine light and love. In a manner of speaking, your physical world is coalesced light directed by Divinity. If, in your imagination, you were to travel your physical body as you once travelled the wooden table top, you would realize that the body happily serves a mind in light and quickly readjusts itself to be perfectly aligned to this light. You would also observe that a mind of light is perfectly aligned to a heart of light, which, in turn, is perfectly aligned to the light which forms all existence. In truth all light is one, for no matter its location or non-location, light is forever aligned to itself. Thus you witness the cosmic unity of existence. All life essence is vectored to the Creator-essence of light and love and also dwells within It.

Hence, in keeping in mind the continued transformation of your earth and its inhabitants, we invite you to use your imagination and play with the following ideas while encouraging the unity of thought with form, and moving outside known and established categories.

Close your eyes, feel the divine creative force within you and allow a deep love to move through you as you recognize that you are a sacred creation. Then playfully and effortlessly bring forth color, light, sound, form and movement to create an inner environment which supports and celebrates this Self love. This activity will delight and liberate you and foster a greater expression of other realms of existence.

Let yourself enjoy times of higher mental play. Relinquish the structure of the human mind which you might find confining and lovingly allow yourself to mentally surrender to the unknown. The feelings of freedom, awe and love, will indicate to you that you are in a more expansive environment.

As such experiences lie beyond human understanding, simply savour them and realize that, in cultivating a higher perspective of existence, you are being re-shaped.

Periodically with your imagination sense worlds and loving presences between the outline of your physical body and the empty space around you. Become more conscious of feelings of friendship as they flow through you. While walking within your communities, take a moment to observe the awareness of an extended world around your body and within your mind. It is to be remembered that a heightened perception creates a greater opening of possibility, unfoldment and creation. You are then ready to absorb the tremendous spiritual energies now flowing through you all as your world and its inhabitants advance in wonderment and in gratitude towards an elevated living pattern.

In truth, these enhanced experiences are already familiar to those individuals in your world who are advancing. Through their understanding of unity and light and by continually and fully living the spiritual principles of the universe, these earth citizens have honed their gifts for world service. Through their openness and eagerness to learn and to share, they have been shown the way. Hence these individuals of your world together with beings from afar will joyfully guide those in your communities who are willing to become active members of your new earth as it unfolds and as it is elevated to an honoured place of celestial understanding and friendship.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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