Notes from the Light - March 2015

Part One - Inner and Outer Matter (Sound)

Gentle people of this earth, we invite you to use your imagination. Picture that you are gazing into a magical mirror which reveals your inner reflection, translating your physicality into moving images of particles, waves, spirals and various other geometric forms. Here you envision your body as a higher spiritual expression from which you can learn and for which you can rejoice.

In performing such an activity, what do you discover?

To assist you, let us present a few concepts for further exploration.

In your world, your physical body is understood to be the densest of all your various forms of being, thinking, feeling and loving. Yet before your body reaches its final dense state, there are other movements, more refined and more subtle, which birth the physical body and which remain within it. These elegant and refined elements can be accessed at any point in your life to ensure greater and more advanced growth of all aspects of your existence, including the physical form.

One of most refined expressions of matter moving into a denser form is sound. Here there is a vibration which, in a manner of speaking, calls together certain particles of matter. These particles are gathered and coalesce to become a physical pattern at first undetected by the human eye. They then are densified to reveal the final physical structure available for human perception.

Hence sound is the gatherer, initiating a closer association of particles, so that a physical pattern can be created and, consequently, perceived by the human senses.

Individual particles of matter, whether densified into physicality not, maintain their foundational birthright as Light. Although in the higher worlds of existence there is no separation between Light and Love, we wish to remind you that, in a third-dimensional world view, Light can be understood as the initial physical expression life and Love the vibrant underpinning of all life be it physical, paraphysical or non-physical.

Let us present you with this parallel: your emotional body is the vibrational underpinning of the thoughts you create and the consequent manifestation of those thoughts into matter. So, too, is Love the vibrational underpinning for Light which manifests as physical particles in your third-dimensional world.

Fine and evolving people of this blue sphere, do you now comprehend the importance of being a loving guardian of your body, your mind and your heart? As you gaze into the magic mirror, can you imagine the flowing and swirling of particles that are housed within your physical form? Can you then also imagine these same particles dancing beyond your body to encompass other worlds? Can you celebrate the truth that you are expansive, intelligent and sacred creations connected to the pulsing lives of your neighbours and strangers upon your planet, within your universe and well beyond it?

Kindly understand, gentle citizens of this good earth, that you are connected in body, mind, heart and spirit to the multiple vast universes which, to your third-dimensional perspective lie further away from your planet and, to our perspective, lie deep within your own awareness.

End of Part One.

Part Two of Inner and Outer Matter will be presented in April 2015

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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