Notes from the Light - May 2016


Today let us speak of pathways and their importance in your lives upon, within and beyond this fine planet.

As you are well aware, all which exists in your material world has a microscopic and a macroscopic alliance. The intelligent movement of atoms, its satellites and the minuscule particles of matter which swirl, dance, disappear and reappear in your physical world can also be observed in the greater dimensions of stars, planets, galaxies, universal systems and the multi layers which constitute cosmic life. On a more subtle level the energy patterns of light also follow this organizational behaviour.

We ask you now to observe these microscopic and macroscopic pathways within and beyond your material universe. Examine your physical bodies and you witness magnificently created pathways of arteries and veins, of nerve and of brain, of line on the skin and of thought in your mind. Within you lies a multitude of pathways which allows the fluidity of creation to course through you at every moment. This same fluidity of growth and communication is also observed in the wondrous nature of your planet—this planet which many call “The Garden Planet.” It can be observed here that there are magnificent pathways found in the trees, the plants, the animals, the water: in truth, in all of nature.

We can say with certainty that your entire world is composed of pathways for all in the universe is fluid. This is so, for the nature of life is to move, learn, modify, advance and transform.

There is a direct link between the pathways within you and your progress to a more advanced way of being and doing. The destiny of your planet and its people is one filled with love and wisdom ensuring the unfoldment of its perfect nature in Spirit. No matter the density and the tenacity of the shadow, the future of your world lies within Light—this very essence of all life—which is eternal and forever victorious.

Thus we ask you to illuminate the pathways within you. Begin with your physical world, sensing this Light flowing through the blood and all the liquids in your body. Illuminate the systems of nerve and brain tissue, of muscle and bone including all the various articulations of your body. Sense that all the pathways within you are expanding and illuminating. Now observe the uplifting thoughts which you create in concert with the angelic realms and embue all your thinking and doing with this celestial light. In this manner you are being reminded both of your divine origin and your divine destiny.

Observe the pathways of others around you, the familiar and the foreign, and begin to radiate the brilliance of your pathways to them and to all the world. Be aware of the marriage between your illumination and that of this splendid earth. With high mind and open heart, realize the marvellous and sacred communities found within your planet and their pathways of Goodness and Perfection which radiate to all life everywhere. Understand that you are an integral pattern of intelligence and light, participating in the pathways of brilliance and of purity which vibrate throughout the universe in sweet frequency and resonance. Sense the magnificence of pathways found in colour, form and holy sound. Extend your shining pathways to touch and meld with us, beings from your very own planetary system and from other places in your universe, for we, too, celebrate the language of pathways and Light as the outpouring of the Creator’s exquisite Love.


Regiena Heringa


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