Notes from the Light - November 2016

Streamlining Energy

Fine people of the Planet Earth, it gives us such great joy to see you moving upwardly and inwardly into spheres of loving kindness and sharing. Here you increasingly realize that you are voyaging towards your true home—this reunion within the very heart of the Divine One and hence with the numerous worlds and dimensions of refined consciousness which vibrant joyfully in this divine unity. For this dedication to sacredness we thank you.

Let us now continue with today’s message.

It is to be remembered that what is essential in existence is not the content of action but the nature of how the action is performed. Let us explain.You may assist another in crossing the street and this compassionate action is of significance. But greater still is your internal way of being while performing the action. While you help another do you stay in joyful and loving Spirit?

Many upon your earth are understanding that all is energy and your citizens are beginning to comprehend that the greatest discovery for the advancement of any civilization is that of streamlining energy. What do we indicate by this?

The greatest force for good lies in harnessing the energy in your dimension to express this goodness. Let us illustrate. When goodness is expressed through awareness and thoughts of grace which kindle acts of compassion, the field of goodness is unified and hence strengthened. Thus, if you direct your awareness, feelings, thoughts and actions to one focal point such as goodness you are unified in the God-field of Light and you are transformed into a harmonious and whole being.

Let us now expand on this illustration by examining such various disciplines of your societies as science, education, economics, health and spirituality. In so doing, it is perceived that the energy flow of these social aspects are divergent causing planetary confusion and separation.

We ask you now to kindly contemplate the following. Imagine that there is a golden filament running through each discipline and aspect of your societies called Selfless Love which threads these disciplines together under the all-encompassing environment of planetary well-being. Here you observe a pattern of streamlined energy demonstrating that your entire planet is founded on a common ground which stimulates and supports each community and nation. This golden filament ensures the union between environment and action and encourages fragmented nations to move towards a unified and well-balanced world. We see this movement as a great destiny for your planet. We state this, for we observe that the coming together of loving thought, feeling, creativity and action are now moving to the forefront of your societies. Light emerges with victorious force.

Within your own bodies and minds the environment of streamlined energy strengthens. Increasingly, you are advancing towards a strong and lasting inner unity as you guide yourselves into feelings and consequent actions of peace, Self-Love and appreciation for your existence, your gifts and your undertakings. We ask you to continue to explore this streamlining of energy. Observe that as you lovingly unify a thought with its underlying feeling and ensuing action, how strong the energy flow circulates within you. You become harmonized, unified and thus strengthened with a greater sense of purpose and fulfilment. This is so, for you have replaced scattered forces with the immense energy of unification. The greater the sense of purpose in Light, the stronger you become and the more you realize that all which you are presently accomplishing upon your fine earth is of paramount importance to your families, communities and planet and for the universe itself.

This we joyfully observe knowing that you, as a creation of the highest order, are advancing rapidly towards more expansive and magnificent worlds and dimensions wherein so many of us reside. We are meeting you.

Hence, kindly contemplate and cultivate your energy streams with love and comprehension. Observe where you dissipate your energy fields and with kind understanding, encourage their unification and harmony so that fragmentation is replaced by the celebration of oneness.

Regiena Heringa


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