Notes from the Light - February 2017

Living from the Inside Out

Audio Exercise: Living from the Inside Out

Photo courtesy of Zo Alschuler

As the Light falls upon your world with greater force and intensity, your citizens begin to move more quickly into their destiny— this destiny which invites every planetary individual to outwardly become what inwardly they already are. In a manner of speaking, the inhabitants of your world are being turned inside out. And what dwells inside you? This perfect, loving Light which moves from the soul into physical manifestation.

Let us delve deeper into this subject. As has been mentioned upon previous occasions, divine Light is the vehicle of material manifestation and divine Love is the foundational fabric upon which all comes forth into existence. Without this quintessential force of God-Love nothing would exist in your physicality. The only true existence be it material or immaterial is Love.

Imagine for an instant the following image. You see before you an orange sitting upon your table. Think now that this orange is imbued with the all-encompassing force called “Love.” Even if you peel this fruit, and you cut it into small pieces, the Love imbued therein is never cut, lessened or fragmented. This perfect God-Love force is whole and complete in every part, in every drop of its juice and in every particle which makes up the composition called “orange.” The visual outpouring of this Love is Light. Hence, the Light which forms the orange is complete within it and yet this Light is not limited to a piece of the fruit even if your eyes only see the boundary of the orange.

Now let us return to the topic at hand. Each vibrating particle of matter in and upon your planet contains Love, the creating force and Light the manifesting force. Within your own selves, beyond your physicality, lies your divine essence—soul. Your soul is always and forever anchored in Love for that is its very nature. Imagine now that you are turning yourself inside out. What do you observe? You witness that first you live from within and then you live from all else. It is as if you are wearing a reversible coat. For so long you have worn the same side of the coat. Now you realize that the other side—the inner side of the garment is the true side. The more you live from the inside out, the greater the harmony between the Love-Light cosmos and the physical dimensions, and the more your material world, suffused with this Christ Love-Light, is transformed. In truth, there is no boundary between the non-physical and the physical. The material world is an extension, a physical echo of the soul as it projects outwards from its inner divinity

Hence, as the light falls graciously and intensely upon your planetary life, creation begins to stir. What seemingly comes from outwardly falling Light-rain is rather the increase of the inner Light-rain. This is so for your world, your universe—all existence as you comprehend it —is presently beginning to turn inside out. The magnificent inner Light of creation streams forth in all life, not only from your earth but also from within your planet and beyond it. Existence is breaking open, unfolding and surrendering to its very essence of God-Light. Your outer world is being blessed by your inner world.

Hence, we joyfully witness the unfurling of the inside holiness of Creation within your dimension. This is indeed a time of great transformation and liberty for all and we, as friends and family in the finer dimensions, are always with you.

Regiena Heringa


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