Notes from the Light - January 2018

Take Your Rightful Place

The time has come for the Planet Earth to take its rightful place in the Universe of the Divine Creator. The peoples of this fine planet will shortly have the opportunity to exercise their complete free will without barrier or restraint. This indicates that all the inhabitants of this Earth will chose between the movement of upliftment or the movement of standing where they presently are — no matter the age, cultural context, environment or education of your population. Let us clarify this.

The upliftment of humanity to a greater expression of creation indicates that individuals who decide to follow this path will find themselves in the gracious situation of witnessing greater development of their beings. When we employ the word “beings” we speak of both the physical element and beyond the physical element which has sometimes been termed the “para-physical” element. Here such individuals will enjoy a greater freedom and an increased joy in the realization that they are moving towards completeness. Because of their love for the Creator and gratitude and reverence towards all life everywhere, these individuals will find tremendous fellowship with those living in higher spheres of development which lie within the very essence of the Creator. This fellowship, so truly merited, will be witnessed between those Earth individuals and those from within the Earth, other planets within your solar system and far beyond your third-dimensional systems and multidimensional realities.

It is of great importance that all peoples of Earth spend time understanding their deepest nature. For truly their deepest nature is not animal-based as some would believe, but anchored in the Divine. The slightest natural movement upon your Earth planet is caused by a breath of the Divine. In acknowledging this, humankind can move forward in that same breath to greater fulfillment.

We have been observing and monitoring your world for so many years even before the earth itself was fully formed. The movements of its creation and collapse have been witnessed by us all and yet we continue to hope that your Earth and its people will also learn that true creation never collapses. Quite on the contrary. True creation expands and encourages even greater creation.

We of the many planetary systems and intergalactic blending of various dimensions (of which there are so many more to discover, for learning is eternal) are with you in your consciousness and in your heart to be of assistance in this time of great transitioning. Everything in the universe is in movement and in change and in transformation.

How can we best assist you? The answer is truly another question: How can you best assist yourself? Is it not through love and compassion? Is it not through openness and service? Is it not through understanding and fulfillment? Is it not through respect and goodness? Is it not through cooperation and encouragement?

In contemplating the answer to these questions you are beginning to build the bridge between your world and ours.The moment you demonstrate your willingness to live within the laws of the Creator, you announce your readiness to receive our assistance. And we are with you. Do not fall victim to those who speak of negation and fear. Choose and cultivate all that is noble within yourselves. There may be only one flower left in the field and yet that one flower can sow its seeds throughout the entire land. It simply needs the wind to spread its creations.

You are that Divine wind. You are that flower. Never underestimate who you are and where you are going. Remain always in the very Truth of Life for Life is given by the Creator as the supreme gift to all civilizations.

You have a fine Earth. Open yourselves up to its beauty, for therein you will find the hand of the Creator. We will be with you as you move into a sacred and fuller expression of who you are. Truly, we are with you.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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