Notes from the Light - March 2018

Playing with Spheres of Light

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(Suggested preliminary reading: Geometric Forms—Spheres of Light)

From our worlds we observe that much of your time is spent in serious thought and action. Therefore, with this message we invite you to spend a time in play. In this manner, your minds and hearts are open to greater possibility of creation and joyful expression. Creative and constructive imagination are often necessary to deepen an understanding of life.

As you are now becoming increasingly aware of these spheres of light in your world, let us happily explore their presences with you.

The orbs of light which have been visiting your planet for many, many years, have a myriad of reasons for existence. They represent a technological and educational order; they contain other dimensions and environments expressing higher consciousness and communities of light. What is essential to understand is that these spheres of light, which issue from beyond your time and space, are here to assist your inhabitants and your planet in their spiritual upliftment. They accompany those whose heart-felt desire is to return to the inner light of divinity. As your world becomes increasingly suffused with divine consciousness, the presence of these exquisite spheres will increase.

Let us then play together.

As you sit quietly with your eyes closed, imagine that there is a sphere of light in front of you. Observe your feeling towards this sphere. Have you an inner sense of friendship? Are you conscious of love radiating from the sphere and from yourself? Remaining anchored in soul and sensing the opening of your heart and mind, surrender to this feeling of mutual kinship. Gently allow your human thoughts to dissipate. Remain with or within a sphere of light of friendship. Pretend if necessary and give yourself up to this goodness.

The more you explore in this fashion, the more you will feel contact. As this is play, should you become strained or increasingly serious with effort, simply return to the feeling of joy and nearness. With time and patience, you will become familiar with these fine presences and you will deepen contact. Learning and understanding will ensue. As you grow in sacred resonance with all life your friendship with these spheres will strengthen. Becoming more comfortable with higher frequency worlds and vast possibilities will delight you.

In truth, all light pulsates within you, for your very being is light. However, as your world is uplifted into a purer vibrational dimension, you begin to witness “divine anomaly”—patterns of geometric form, sound, colour and other varied communication from revered worlds which do not fit into the present language of your planet. Therefore, taking time to lovingly play with spheres of light will assist you in opening up to more comprehensive ways of communication—tools of dialogue which are now being given to you to assist in the upward movement of your world.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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