Notes from the Light - September 2018

Your Soul’s Desire

Embedded within the core of each individual is a desire to be recognized as a divine fulfilment of the soul within. This desire helps you to remain within the parameters of the path leading back to the Source. In truth, as all lies within the vibration of Creation, there is no idea of direction, but only of infinite fulfilment. However, in using linear time, it may seem that you are moving in a direction. And, in your world, this is so.

Whether you move in a linear, spiral or all-inclusive manner in your thinking and doing, the attraction of your soul to its Creator-Source was established the moment you chose, by your free will, to consciously move towards or away from this Source.

There are many reasons why the inhabitants of your world would move away from the Creator. One is your impulse to explore and discover on your own. This is laudable. However, exploring and discovering while ignoring your soul’s expression also binds you. Let us explain.

Imagine you are standing on the very edge of the horizon seeing the sun rising. You joyfully exclaim the wonder and beauty of this sight as you absorb the power and magnificence of the event. All is forgotten as you meld into this moment. Then comes the mind of human thought: How is this so? How will this sun affect our planet in our future? Is there conscious existence elsewhere in our universe? I must study this.

These are indeed valid questions, encouraging the mind to ripen, expand and to move your societies forward. However, the genuine forward and upward movement of your world can only be realized when progress is based on spiritual understanding and partnership. If this is ignored, advancement is restricted.

We are a part of this spiritual partnership which extends far into other worlds and dimensions. Your Planet Earth is a member of this fellowship wherein many of your citizens, of high mind and expanded heart, enjoy active roles. You may term this spiritual partnership as a ”cooperative of worlds.”

Kindly understand that whatever you explore, you are lovingly and tightly intertwined with all life and the source of life—God the Creator. In truth, no thing, no action, no thought, no life stands independently. The thought you create touches all life in all dimensions. The inspiration you receive, the insight and flashes of genius, come from a great place—this sacred Whole within which all life exists, including your own.

How then do you follow the desire of your soul?

It is to be remembered that although you are an integral part of the Whole, you also have the personal liberty to refuse or to follow the pathway of divinity. If you follow your soul’s desire to be consciously re-united with this sacred Whole, you will feel a determined pull back to Source. You will sense a strong inner need to re-connect to an infinite Love and its loving power. You will be drawn into a stream of exquisite spiritual energy which falls upon you and wells up from within you. This spiritual presence and pull have been anchored within you from the very moment you were born on Planet Earth.

How can you deepen and strengthen this reunion? By quieting the mind and body and expanding the heart. By allowing and absorbing this magnificent radiance being transmitted to you in spiritual fellowship. By acknowledging and cultivating your gifts and talents to help yourself and others on the way.

As you are quite aware, your world and your consciousness are opening and expanding. Take time to explore your deepest soul desire and imagine these precious, sacred yearnings as a lantern showing you the path homewards. For many of you the path has been shining for numerous years, for you have lifted the Light high. For others it is an awakening to a greater world. For all it is a quickening to a vast and marvellous future.


Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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