Notes from the Light - October 2018

The Merging of Realities

It seems that in your world there is confusion between what is real and unreal, what is truth and what is falsehood, what can be questioned and what cannot be questioned. We witness here increasing duality separating communities and nations. Let us then examine the idea of realities.

Upon your planet, which continues to vibrate partially in a fourth-dimensional stance, the inhabitants understand that their reality is limited to the five senses and linear time. What you see and touch, for example, helps to define the solidity of your world. It may seem that your surroundings are fixed within a foundation which is rigid and unchanging. Yet, this solidity of matter and indeed of linear time exist only in your physical universe. The linear and predictable nature of time, being perceived thus upon your planet for millennia, is not limited to that nature. As paradoxical as it may seem, time is much more and much less than you think.

There is a multitude of universes which vibrates to much less solid realities. However important you view your physical universe, it is but a small component of much vaster realities of less dense states. The destiny of all life, material or not, is to move into greater and more inclusive realities. Ultimately, life wholly melds once again into the force of Love which forms and inhabits all existence.

We have mentioned upon numerous occasions that you and your planet are changing states. You are voluntarily being attracted to a more fluid and expansive way of loving, thinking and acting. This is in complete accordance with the sacred destiny of all life. You are being guided to a higher reality which houses a more refined frequency.

When an energy pattern of a dense nature—hence of slower vibration—encounters an energy pattern of higher and more elegant vibration, there is often confusion and a settling in period. If the more refined frequency holds true, then by the very nature of life, the slower energy patterns will fall away or will modify and move up to greet the higher frequency. Kindly remember it is you, through your own free will, who decides to fall away from or meet up and move into these higher, gracious frequencies.

Let us illustrate this point.

Imagine that you are feeling out of sorts, thus displaying a lower energy pattern. Suddenly you come upon an exquisite rose blooming in all its glory and perfection. The initial inner impulse is to exclaim the loveliness of this flower. At that instant you are uplifted to a more refined reality. This is an automatic and innate expression of your soul which you cannot control, but which you can suppress. Even if you then refuse to accept this more elegant reality, you have still, for one instant, been uplifted to a nobler frequency. For that one instant you have glimpsed a greater reality which, in truth, lies always inside of you.

Presently in your world there is a merging of realities: Those which limit you accessing inner and outer sacredness and those which encourage the upliftment of your citizens to fully experience the divine frequency now increasingly suffusing your earth.

Which reality do you choose: being out of sorts, or being a part of the exquisite rose?

You are wise to continue shaping a reality which is filled with goodness, compassion and divine power. In so doing, you reflect the destiny of Planet Earth—a reality which is imbued with loving creation and a fluidity of thought and action. In this more refined frequency you are boundary-less. You are free.

Create, acknowledge and live this reality you shape from within. Become a spiritual ambassador for your world, a shining example of inspiration and leadership.


Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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