Notes from the Light - December 2019

Unifying Yourself

Today we ask you to experience an event within yourself which will help to enhance the inner unity which you are cultivating. Kindly follow our direction.

Imagine that in front of your closed eyes you see a blue sphere of light. Allow yourself to become at ease and familiar with this blue ball as it sends out its rays of love. These blue rays spark an awareness within you to help you absorb them. You will know when you are taking in these rays because you will begin to feel strong currents of love entering your mind and your body. Breathe softly and allow the infusion of love to fill up your entire being. As these rays penetrate your body, you realize that they are composed of very small, fine particles of white light. The rays seem blue on the outside, but within, the fragments are white. This is so, for the essence of light particles in the material worlds is white.

Stay for a moment enjoying these great blue rays and their particles of pure white light as they vibrate in every cell of your body, brain and consciousness. Feel a tremendous connection with all physical life, be it on your Planet Earth or through to other dimensions beyond your time and space. Realize that the vibratory nature of light is love manifest.

In this experience, the colour blue was chosen in order to aid in the calm expansion of your mind and body.

What is the purpose of this experience?

There is a great need upon your earth for the coming together of hearts, minds, races and nations. In order to assist in this “homecoming” we ask you to unify yourself within yourself. Once this is accomplished, you become a valuable example to others.

We ask you to reflect on the following: What colour are my thoughts? What colour is my joy? What colours are my breath and my intentions? Do they reflect the colour of my heart and the love that is pouring from my heart? Are all these colours harmonious? Kindly understand that if they are, they will move into white and become a part of a greater creation.

Gentle inhabitants of this revolving sphere of blue and white, you are forever cared for and guided. You help others and we help you. Move into moments of inner quiet so that you may enjoy greater unity between your breath, your mind, your heart and your body. In this manner, you will joyfully and peacefully rest within the very soul which brought you to this earth.


Regiena Heringa


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