Notes from the Light - January 2020

Overlapping — From Superficial to Profound Living

It may seem to you, people of this magnificent planet, that your civilization is falling into ruin. However, this is not so. Kindly remember that often what is perceived at a surface level is not what is truly occurring at a deeper and more stable position.

Let us examine your world at this important juncture of its existence.

Change includes the replacement of one event, object, reality or consciousness with another. This replacement can be viewed as an “overlapping” of events, situations, energies, worlds and dimensions. “Overlapping” indicates the movement of an elevated and refined awareness gradually overlaying your present reality.

At this moment, you are witnessing and experiencing the birth of a new reality which includes cosmic awareness. This is so, for you are vibrating exquisite energy patterns of light, thought and love which resonate to and throughout the Whole of existence. There are many individuals upon your earth—more than you perhaps realize—who are builders of this fine, new world.

In the emergence of this new reality, you experience in your present consciousness and in your physical and emotional bodies, the overlapping of higher thought and purer vibrational patterns. This overlapping of a higher frequency system, encourages you to participate in nobler activity. You are ascending to a higher frequency system. Steadily, you move towards unity, within yourself, within your world and within the multiple worlds and dimensions of which you are also a part.

It is humankind’s destiny to become whole for that is destiny of the cosmos wherein you dwell. It is the nature of Life to advance to higher expression. Therefore, greater ideas and creations will always overlap more confined environments. What you perceive as the de-construction of spiritual values is slowly being overlapped by the re-construction of these same values.

Let us illustrate this point.

Imagine that you are giving an acorn to a friend. In extending your hand, the acorn falls on a rock and its shell cracks. You think the nut is damaged. But when your friend picks it up and opens the shell, you realize that the essence, the fruit itself, is perfectly whole.

In a manner of speaking, your planet can be likened to a cracked crystal. However, in observing it more closely, you discover that only the surface is damaged; your inner planet is perfect. As you consciously absorb and live the heightened frequency of this new world as it overlaps yours, your planet’s surface, and all other physical matter in your dimension will become whole, once again.

Good peoples of Planet Earth, continue to grow in inner truth—pure, divine, soul truth—and cultivate loving relationships with each other. Use your free will wisely. Foster awareness of this fine movement of overlapping and how it uplifts your minds and hearts. Realize that at the very core of this new reality is unity. This oneness is the basis of harmonious living for all the inhabited universes.

The greater the unity, the more significant the accomplishments of your people and the more remarkable the fulfillment of each planetary soul which we so deeply cherish.


Regiena Heringa


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