Notes from the Light - February 2020

Imitation and Inspiration

In your world, imitation is a powerful tool for inner growth. However, kindly ensure that those whom you imitate in heart, mind and action, are sincere.

There are many earth citizens who live in exquisite frequencies of thought and creation. These individuals, although physically born upon your planet, dwell in elegant vibrational spheres and fields which extend outwards and inwards to affect all matter everywhere, including your own consciousness if you so wish it. They, along with other beings within and beyond your solar system, are leaders and examples of integrity and wholesomeness. They are here to guide your entry into this new emerging world which you are beginning to witness.

You may observe falsehoods and the apparent disintegration of spiritual values. These are deliberate expressions of resistance in a world which is moving into a more complete way of harmonious living. You are swiftly unifying of all aspects of your being—from the physical to the transcendental. You are beginning to absorb the truth that you are whole and complete within the pure vibration of Divinity. As humankind becomes more conscious of this upliftment, falsehoods and other energies of resistance deepen their attempt to curb this completeness. They will fail.

All that falters in the Light falls away from the Light.

We ask you to assume your personal qualities and talents. Acknowledge all that you are and possess which demonstrates to the outer world, your existence in this divine Light. You are being asked to become a living example of luminous unity so that others in your world can imitate you.

Close your eyes and let inspiring images and feelings surface which you have experienced in this lifetime of in other life experiences. Open your eyes and notice those around you who inspire you. Begin to imitate their way of behaving and creating.

Imitate not what has been created by another, but, rather, imitate how the individual who inspires you, lives in your world.

Unbeknownst to many of you, much inspiration and imitation also comes from the higher vibrations of the invisible realms. With your consent, continual radiance of refined octaves of frequency enter your physical bodies and, most importantly, your hearts and minds. At times we visit you; at times you visit us. At times we meet elsewhere in magnificent light patterns of transcendental understanding. Why is this so? To ensure that you are refreshed in these higher frequencies so that you are continually encouraged and inspired. To ensure that you are able to express to the outer world, the sacredness you experience within.

In truth, we are asking you to imitate yourself! Endeavour to reflect your divine self in your outer-world activities. You then become a living example of heartfelt leadership for all.

There is a fine linking between imitation and inspiration. If you use your free will wisely, you will quickly realize that your soul often nudges you to imitate the behaviour of those who inspire you.

Hence we ask you to reflect on the following: Kindly realize that who you are and how you live in the vaster worlds of Light. Inspire those around you. When you inspire others, you become a focus of imitation for others. This is the language of the teacher and the master.


Regiena Heringa


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