Regiena Heringa - August 2021: The Consciousness of the Caretaker

Hello to the Family of Light!

The solar winds from our star strike the earth and then move out into space beyond. Our earth, however, is protected by the magnetic field that surrounds it. Space is filled with rays of energy. Some you can see, some you can hear and others that have yet to be detected by scientists as they continue research into worlds of different forces, enigmatic space and numerous dimensions.

All physical worlds pulsate; they receive, hold and send vibrational patterns and frequencies whether from the vastness of space or from the smallest subatomic particle in your body. The thoughts that you create and the love that you feel, vibrate inside of you and pour out into the world. This energy, which is never destroyed, affects matter and events and blends with the vibrations of others on earth and of those from other worlds.

Presently upon our planet there is an important heightening of consciousness that we can call “the consciousness of the caretaker.” It asks us to look after all life in a loving, intelligent and responsible way. It asks us to become vigilant of the sacred nature of the energy within us. How often do we sit quietly and acknowledge this inner divine Source? How often do we express our gratitude for our lives and our gifts? How well do we use our free will by making decisions based on the intuition of our souls?

Imagine that you are filled with your favourite colour of light or your favourite sound or fragrance. Now imagine that you are viewing the world through your favourite colour or your favourite sound or fragrance. Notice an easy and peaceful flow of energy from your inside world to your outside world. Here you have become the caretaker of planetary and universal energies. You have consciously transformed the outer world with your marvellous inner vibrations and frequencies of harmony and peace.

The consciousness of the caretaker is found everywhere: The ground provides for the worm and the leaf lends shade. Magnetic lines in space carry ships from distant planets to our world and our star, the sun, spreads its light across millions of kilometres of space.

There is a perfect, infinite point of pure Love and pure Light within each of us. It is our birthplace. From this perfect point arises God consciousness that brings us understanding and direction. From here we are encouraged to generate from within, a sacred unified field of energy and extend it forever outwards to lovingly greet life in other worlds and dimensions.

Respectfully and graciously, we take up the role of caretaker of this magnificent universal consciousness which, through peace and harmony, embraces all existence, including our dear Planet Earth.

In Divine fellowship,

Regiena Heringa


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