Living The Grace of the White Light

Being With God

The softest breath of the bird in its nest
the gentlest flow of water which tickles and touches
the rock and stone
the sweetest song of the sparrow
in such early morning mist
these are the visions of God
within your very heart and soul.
These are the visions and touchings
of Love within Love.
Never doubt your existences.
Keep forever within your hands
the breath of Light
the touch of Love

and the never-ending realization
that all what you see
all what you hear, feel and touch
is the smile of God upon your cheek.

Never dismay
for when you dismay you lose this exquisite balance
between Love and death.
Verily there is no death.
And yet upon the earth of time
you constantly struggle
to eliminate death.

Stay deep and true to the inner sense
for the inner sense is truly God.
It is the delicate lace-work of God's smile
God's Love and total understanding.

Continue and finish your physical lives
as wide and vibrant
and as infinitely beautiful
as the whitest wing of the dove.
'Tis but a passing
and once again
you are with God.


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