Living The Grace of the White Light

Set Free The Bird

Set free the bird in your clasped hand.
Set in motion the love that you feel and
which tingles throughout your entire existence.

Let go of this fear of flying and
let peace radiate within and without.
There is no more need to curse the darkness
or to let fall the creature from the hand so tightly clasped.

The need now is to let fly, high into the heavens,
your visions of self
and the happiness of heart.
Clouds will always gather
and storms will always dissipate.

So steady the being
and bring into the mind the realization that God
is in every sound and in every movement of thought
which flutters in and out of your consciousness.

Therefore, creature of habit, let go of confine and disillusion
and fly up and high
where the only true home of all lies within the eye of Love
and within the very twinkle of the star at night.


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