Living The Grace of the White Light


The force of God lies within your cupped hand.
As you take your hand and cup it in a stream to drink its water
So do you drink from the grace of God.
This God which is deep inside of you
This God of beauty and grace, is with you every moment you breathe.
The strength of all existence lies deep within you.
It lies within the heart
Within the beat of the drum
And within the sound of the winged bird.
The strength of God is your strength.
It is the strength of the eagle which soars
Of the storm which blows
And of the birth of the first shoot in the spring soil.
Do not give up.
Do not discourage
But follow in the footsteps of Love.

Follow with your eye and with your heart, the leaf as it falls, yellow, from its branch to the earth.
This voyage of beauty and experience is a voyage of determination and of grace.
And such is your voyage upon this dear and trembling earth.
Do not forsake the hand of another.
Do not forsake the anxiety of another.
Forget not.
And love.


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