Living The Grace of the White Light

The Hand of God

Everything you see, everything you breathe, everything you feel is the touch of the hand of God.
This God which is Love, without condition or commitment, this God which is light and compassion, beauty, integrity and creation, this God of beauty and of love, exists in all of you, in every moment of your existence.

It is the hand of God which directs your lives.
It is the hand of God which blesses you, guides you and protects you, comforts you and encourages you.
It is the hand of God which caresses you, which touches the tear that falls from your cheek and turns it into raindrops and dewdrops for nature to absorb and to create.

All is Love, before all else.
All is Light before all else.

Love yourselves utterly and completely.
Love every breath that you take and every step that you make.
Love your thoughts and your ideas.
Love your self-worth and ideals.
Love with every intake of breath from the universe.

The hand of God touches you as gently and lovingly as the softest feather touches the throat of the sparrow.
When you touch beauty, you touch the hand of God.
When you touch the hand of God, you are in his friendship and in his union.
In touching the hand of God, you are completing the circle of life.

Do not break the circle, for in breaking the circle you are breaking your heart.
When you are breaking your heart, you are breaking away from love.
When you break away from love, you are in total isolation.
When you are in total isolation, you cannot love yourself completely and truly.

Let God be with you forever.


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