Living The Grace of the White Light

The Inner Self

Arch your back and gaze into the golden sun of renewal and hope which awaits you
This renewal and hope which is the face of God shining upon you
Which guides you gently
Which asks no questions and demands no result.
This is the love of the universe.
This is the love of all matter.
This is the future and the past and the present of humanity.

Move your body back from the motion and movement which causes you turbulence and stress.
Move far away from discord and agitation and move close to the inner light of love
Which is forever lit
Which is forever within you to listen and to counsel.

Back away from discordance and move into this marvellous moment of renewal
Of blessing and of vital beingness.
This is the place of God.
This is the harmony of all matter.
This is the heaven and the home which you so sincerely and desperately seek.
It is within where you will find greatest brilliance.
It is within where you will escape the slings and arrows of misfortune and expectation.

Go within your very selves to discover the light of God
The illumination of the universes
And the peace of soul and spirit.
All is within and lies within.
Do not curve your lives and bodies.
Keep them straight, strong and in goodness.
Herein lies the key to love, to full and complete love.


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