Regiena's Poetry

Your Place

Let the love of God
remain forever
in the very centre of your heart and your life.

There is no one place
more splendid,
more loving
or more caring
than the centre of God.

This is where you belong
not only when the winds rise
and the dark skies roll towards you,
but this is also your place
when the blue skies sing
the songs of understanding,
when the soul soars high above your daily worries.

always remember
that as the sun turns to moon
and the flower turns to seed
so do you turn and change
from silence to laughter
and from frown to smile.

Do not remain in a moment of disturbance.
Let this moment pass quickly
and find once again
the love, the strength and the trust of God
and of his universe.

The pat on the shoulder
is the caress of one soul to another. The word of encouragement,
the quick nod of the head,
is the proof that you are as sweet and as fresh
and as beautiful
as the finest drop of dew in the embrace of early morning.

Let your mind
and let your heart
remain clear and intense as the crystal within your earth,
for you are the earth and
you are the stars
which delicately tread in
the light of God.


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