Introduction to the Ring Of Fire Prayers

We are living a time of planetary transitioning, moving from the dense world of self-centredness towards an upliftment of Spirit as it guides us towards divine selflessness. At present, we have been given an interval of spiritual grace. This is understood as a world-wide curve of spiritual development which now increasingly infuses our earth. The possibility of becoming perfect, immortal beings through Christ Consciousness is very real, and there are several teachings given to us by Commander Valiant Thor to help us along this path. These teachings include The Five-Pointed Star of Life and The Ring of Fire Prayers.

There are three Ring of Fire Prayers, the Outer, the Inner and the “second”prayer. Most used are the Inner and Outer Rings. As you can see on the website, some of these prayers have been translated into other languages. These prayers empower us to become masters. They ensure that we are protected from the energies of the shadow world, and they give us the opportunity to request spiritual gifts, perfect health, abundance and longevity.

We are asked to say the prayers at least twice a day, preferably in the morning and evening. Choose the prayer you wish to say. Ensure that while you are saying the prayer, you feel the words deeply and image/sense the ring of fire as a force field of blue light around your body. During the day periodically verify if your force field is still in place and stable. This field can also surround your mind, your home, family, country and world. In fact, this force field can be placed around everyone and everything to ensure a stability in Christ Light. You will know when the force field is properly established because you will feel an infusion of spiritual strength as you speak the words and this strength will blend with the force field you are establishing.

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