The Magic Door - by Valiant Thor

Once your positive imagination starts to succeed in all five departments of your life (the five pointed star of life) it is under your control, and it will suggest many unusual but PRACTICAL ideas that will be for you and your problems. This technique can be used by all types of temperaments and will produce uniform results. Start the MAGIC DOOR after you cultivate considerable positive imagination by “acting your way to success.” When you are conscious you are acting before an audience you can visualize, you are ready to take up this new practice. This practice is given for mental freedom. When you emerge from the masses, you are hemmed in mentally by the ever present masses.

You can easily escape the “milling masses.” through the MAGIC DOOR. If you can get entirely away from this world mentally for 15 minutes a day, you will “blossom like a rose” in every department of life.

THE MAGIC DOOR... Relax... Let go, in a comfortable chair, or even in the bathtub. Or just run water. The “milling masses” think you are taking a bath. Lock the door so your concentration and meditation will not be disturbed. Now visualize a large door of generous proportions in the wall in front of you. Get all the details of the “door” well fixed in your mind, for recall. See the knob, the grain of the wood, the color, the texture.

Now you are mentally ready to rise and walk over and open the door wide. All of this must be done without moving a single muscle. If you move, you are “earthbound” and not a ready to open the door, or your mind is not under your control. As you open the “magic door” look OUTSIDE. What do you see???

From immediately in front of the door, to as far as the eye can see, there are green lush lawns extending over gentle rolling hills. Visualize this perfectly, so that the next day, when you spend another fifteen minutes on this exercise, you will see the same grassy rolling hills, in the same location you saw before. The lawn begins at your doorstep and extends out, out, out. No matter where you live.

THIS IS YOUR PRIVATE DOOR. No one else passes through it or looks through it. Walk 40 or 50 feet (all in your imagination) and turn around. See the large open door through which you just came. After looking around a bit, come back through the open door. Come into the room and sit down in your chair. In reality you are coming back into your physical body. When you close your eyes, you are in the fourth dimension. In short, when you return from your own private world, you will be greatly refreshed. The green lawns have rested your eyes, your mind and your tired body. Be sure to always leave your “magic door” wide open when you come back to it. NEVER CLOSE IT AGAIN.

After a short time, you may landscape your million acre lawn. You can visualize your “favorite flowers” about 50 feet outside the door. Not too many kinds of flowers, just your favorites. The next day “see” another flower bed of a different type, a little further on. In time, you will have flowers all over the rolling hills. The stronger your positive imagination becomes, the flowers will be so real you can pick them and smell their fragrance.

Visualize small shrubs, later on trees, both ornamental and fruit bearing... touch them, taste them, eat the fruit. This may sound visionary to you, but remember, this is the first time you have you used your imagination positively and this is when you start to become an entirely different person.

People with negative imagination get sick, lose all they have financially and often go “berserk” mentally. A positive imagination is the opposite and produces only delightful and marvelous results.

You now have your own private “Garden of Eden.” Next, I want you to select a place where you have planted no trees, as yet. Walk up to the top of this particular lawn covered knoll. When you get there, stretched out your arms (all of this in your imagination) and imagine that a gentle breeze is blowing toward you and you are being lifted in the air like a huge bird. Look down and see the treetops and observe everything. Tilt your body in the direction you want to go. Have some fun.

Land gently on another green grass covered knoll. After your fifteen minutes in your “Garden of Eden”, come floating back and land at your door.


You NEVER take anyone into your is for YOU alone. Later on, if you have the ability to visualize a very real audience watching, you’ll visualize people in your world with “just the right kind” of imaginary inhabitants. They should always be young, fully grown, joyous, light hearted and exceedingly intelligent. They must never be old. This ages you too rapidly. They should not be children. This would cause you to become “childish.” Never pattern them after those you know or have known.

Let your clothing be light, bright and flowing and the mind will quickly be freed from all that is earth bound. All this has to do with positive imagination... nothing supernatural about it. It is simply a process by which you can free your mind and body from the shackles you have a welded about them, these many years.

It is going to require a little time for all results, but the moment you start, you will be getting results. There is a reason why I want you to SIT DOWN while taking the exercise. If you lay down, your negative imagination will rule the attention. FIFTEEN minutes once a day is all that time the practice requires. Twice a day is permissible, after several months. Learn to follow instructions.

The article presented here is from a past issue of the monthly newsletter entitled The Interspace Link.

You are invited to share this information with others, but kindly acknowledge copyright and keep this article intact.

Dr. Frank E. Stranges, NICUFO


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